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/ 10 December, 2014 /
Last week finally ran a couple of my photos that I shot of Ground Control Frames Team Manager and Rider, Keaton Newsom, as well as NYC rollerblader, Pablo Munoz.  Pablo I met earlier this year when visiting California, while Keaton I've only conversed with online.  Great to finally meet him.  It was an impromptu shoot which photographer Sam L Dean helped put together and I ended up running with it.  Turns out he had shot Bladergang the night before at the warehouse we were in.  No pressure to figure out a different setup. haha.

The shots had to highlight Ground Control's latest product, the "BIG" frames, while keeping the skater anonymous.  So I aimed to just do that.  You can tell who they are, but it isn't readily apparent. I think we did a great job setting that up.  
Here's one of the lit up portraits I snapped towards the end of the shoot after we got what we were looking for.


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