ONE Magazine Issue #21 Preview

/ 23 December, 2014 /

Earlier last week, ONE magazine dropped their preview for issue #21, due out in stores a bit after the holidays.  It has been a while coming and for me, a milestone working with the magazine.  I worked on a major editorial directly with the Editor In Chief and Art Director.  The Art Director, Wes Driver, is also a photographer who I looked up to when I first started shooting photos.  There is nothing weirder than driving to his house and walking in, thinking, so, this is the guy who's photos I spent hours analyzing lighting, technique in photoshop, understanding why he did what he did.

There I was in the belly of the beast, with the editor to the magazine I wanted to be in 8 years ago, a videographer who's work I grew up on (Drew Bachrach), and 3 of the biggest rollerbladers in the game (Montre Livingston, Dre Powell, Sean Cullen).  And there I was.  Wes was shooting in medium format film and I was covering digital for the coverboy, Montre.  For a moment, my guard is down and I'm proud.

When I popped online and saw this preview, I was in awe.  I wasn't just a contributor with a photo in the back.  My photo is one of a few in the promotion. And then, scrolling down.....the main feature — shot by Wes Driver and Jonathan Labez.  Speechless.  Give that a moment to sink in.  I'm still waiting for that to sink in.  It won't until I have the magazine in hand.  I couldn't even believe a preview the editor sent me of the opening photo.

2014, you've been a wild ride.


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