Capturing Echo Park for Golden Daze Album Cover

/ 17 November, 2014 /

I was puttering around and checked my email to see an invite on Facebook from Golden Daze, a band out of Echo Park.  I knew one of the band members from rollerblading (of course) and he had seen me shoot polaroid on the last few times I had seem him while blading.  A month or so later, I get asked if the band duo can borrow my camera to shoot their album cover.  I run them through where to get the film, the tricks to using an SX-70, when to best shoot.  I didn't hear back for another month.  I get asked what I'm up to and if I had time to come over that afternoon.

They have a rough idea of what they want.  Their home, standing on the doorsteps.  Combined with the polaroid, it would feel like like another time, with these musicians documenting their lives as just another day.  We went through a pack, with varying positions and exposures.  I left the images with them and said I'd scan whichever they preferred.  A few more weeks go by and I swing by to pick the photos up for scanning.  After 4-5 months, the above photo was their top pick, which I found out about on Facebook.  There's something to be said about taking an analog photo and having zero control over how it comes out, only to see the final results myself after an elongated time.


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