Creative Recreation 2014 Fall Line

/ 23 October, 2014 /

It's somewhat surreal seeing the photos you helped cultivate out in the world.  It's more surreal when you consider who the images are for.  In this case, it's Creative Recreation.  When I mention I was on set for this line, random friends came out of the wood work to tell me about how they rock a pair or their uncle works for distribution or they kick back with the owners in southbay.  So so strange!

This was my 2nd job as a Digital Tech, a 2 day excursion in downtown LA and a studio out in Venice, CA.  You suddenly realize how many looks go into a fashion line (answer: a lot!).  All in all, there were 14 looks per day, or closer to 30 for 2 days.

Still, it was something else working between a film crew and their schedule, 8 models, multiple stylists and makeup artists, the art director, and the countless other people on set.  What an introduction to the career as a digital tech.

For those who are curious, the shoot was mostly done at 1/160, F/22, ISO 100, with a 580EX Canon Speedlite (provided by me) shot anywhere from 1/8 to 1/2 power, zoomed in from 80mm-105mm for extra pop.  I was constantly adjusting the lighting for the photog, who wasn't too familiar using speedlites.

Now for the extra cool shots from the shoot:

Paloma Ford Featured on Creative Rec's Website 


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