Victor Galicia Interview on Wheel Scene Magazine

/ 15 July, 2015 /

It's been over a year since I shot with Victor Galicia and finally, these photos are out in the daylight!  Originally, Wheel Scene wanted these last summer for a possible cover, which turned into the magazine's silence and for a while, no one was sure if they were still alive.  After a resurgence, I reached out and shot them over these photos.  Though by that point, I had piecemealed several photos to Be-Mag, Haitian Magazine, The Booted.  Luckily for me, Victor had a nice stack of images!

It gets weird though.  During the interview process, the editor is going back and forth with me, asking questions about Victor because he can't get a solid answer.  I'm not sure what to tell him.  Victor is an enigma wrapped in a labyrinth.  All I can truly say about Victor is you can never anticipate his thoughts and movements.

The good news is the story is finally up!  The less than good news is the editor decided the interview raised more questions than it answered.  That's what it's like hanging with Victor.  You just gotta take him as is.


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