BE-Mag 'Top 5' Feature with Tyron Ballantine

/ 22 April, 2015 /
In Silverlake by the reservoir, I convinced him to let me shoot a polaroid
for my project.
I had the pleasure of shooting Tyron Ballantine who was visiting out from Amsterdam to film his Bladerbang VOD.

I didn't know it at the time, but I would be shooting for his Top 5 feature.  He's consistant, which makes shooting him a breeze, but it does mean there can't be a malfunction.  Of course, there were a few hiccups.  A pocket wizard didn't fire or a certain angle didn't work because of the trick choice.  In the case of one photo, I had to keep it down to one speedlight and 2 test shots so as not to attract the attention of security.  Them's the breaks when you're dealing with location shooting and action sports.

Overall, I'm rather pleased with the final results.  Even snagged a couple polaroids of Tyron, which @ImpossibleHQ ended up running for polaroid week (if you didn't catch the last post).  Oh right, and Bladergang added me on the opening credits of the VOD.

Very rad to see my name listed as photog for this edit.
Literally had 2 test shots and 2-3 real shots to get this right.  No pressure right?
Downtown in the depths of the LA fashion and warehouse district


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