Montre Livingston Interview with Wheel Scene

/ 25 February, 2016 /

It's been a few months since I shot Montre Livingston during his stay out for Blading Cup in November.  But with him wining the biggest European rollerblading competition just days ago, figures the Wheel Scene feature dropped the day after.

Much like any other shoot a publicist would tell you "you have 5 minutes," that's what happened to me waiting for Montre to wrap up a video interview, after having just spent the day waiting for him as he was filming for his upcoming VOD section.  What I got was the last 15 minutes of daylight, 5 minutes of that was reasonably okay.  Spent the time getting him to talk about what's been going on since I saw him last for his ONE Magazine feature I shot, catch up, get him to cut up.  I learned he's naturally a showman that parents and kids could look up to.

The image is rather flat, which, wasn't my call.  I did my set of edits and Wheel Scene wanted the original out of the camera.  I sometimes think camera phones have made us accustomed to unedited photos and their "okayness."  Still, it was nice to catch up with Montre and do something for WS.


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