If you're ever in a bind, here's how to fix your Profoto Speedrings

/ 16 February, 2016 /
That was a terrible pun, first off. If you got it, you're still with me. If not, just watch the videos already. ;)

 I switched over to Profoto and found myself balking at the Profoto tax. Ooo they have modifiers for days! Oh, for how much? I can either have my engine worked on or get this? Decisions, Decisions....

 I asked myself how about just changing out the speedrings?  $130. Okay, no. How about just the speedring from Mola (I own the Mola Rayo)? $118.  Bollocks. How about Interfit? $50, but poor ratings.  Doesn't Paul C Buff make one?  $29, but always on backorder. Ebay? $30.  Sure, close enough.  I'll get 3 and still come under.  Wait, what it it's built poorly? Buy 1 to test.  No harm no foul if it doesn't work out.

A week and some change goes by and voila, speedring. A bit tight like some of the Ebay reviewers said.  It looks oval, not round.  It doesn't snap closed effortlessly.  Ken Doo made a similar observation about his Ignition Magnum. Probably made by the same factory.  Turns out, China skimped out on 1/4" of wire around the ring, causing the extra tightness.

How do you fix that?  Pliers and a steady hand.  If you want to get this on AB octoboxes, guess what, it's wider than the original speedring and you have to make 4 notches to make it work.  That's a whole other post!
Quality control inspection by Glitch. Rayo armed & ready!
Bought 2 more since I solved my problem.  I made random observations between actual Profoto collars vs these 3rd party ones, as well as some thoughts on mods for those thinking about jumping on these.  There isn't much information go on searching google.

Hope this helps some of you!



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