Powerslide Skates Showing Me Some Love...

/ 20 January, 2016 /
Original link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BAwT2yvuO1V/
Kinda stoked Powerslide Skates regrammed a diptych I shot of Chris Calkins riding their new imperial 3 wheeler cruisers.  We're talking this was his first week or two on them new and I was there when he got them at Blading Cup.

These photos were shot about 3 minutes from being kicked out by a bored sheriff right outside of LA Trade Tech College, as Erick Rodriguez is filming his drone and Chris had stopped blading up and down the street for the drone shot.  Chris is always saying it's impossible to get a photo of him without looking creepy or self conscious.  I think I managed a nice shot of him without that creepy uncle feeling. lol.


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