Gwen Stefani's "Baby Don't Lie" Single

/ 21 October, 2014 /

It's strange to see a photo you had a part in making up online.  It's stranger when you think it's for a big name like Gwen Stefani and her latest album "Baby Don't Lie".

It was a 14-15 hour shoot where we were given 10'x10' space at a loading garage door to shoot her for 10 minutes at a time, while shooting the music video.  Which meant 4-5 hours off, 10 minutes on, times 3.  It did give me a perspective into shooting on a big production like that. There are 70+ people doing one thing or another, trying to coordinate what looks like a mess from the ground.

As the digital tech for this shoot, it was fairly straight forward.  No hiccups, just minor adjustments to a high up and center single bare bulb Profoto head as the sun changed and affected the fill.  In the evening, I placed a white v-flat for fill to make up for the lack of natural lighting.  Shot on a 5D MKIII at 1/160th, F/11, ISO 100.

The only thing that I had to be on the look out really was the lines causing the focus on the camera to go wonky, and blowing out highlights.  The highlights were troublesome due to the backlighting.  I'd have to keep the photographer aware of this and adjust for that seamless handoff, knowing at any moment, Gwen could come out and we'd have to shoot.  We just never knew when Gwen would pop out.

The above image though has had a fair amount of work done to it.  Mostly to affect the contrast of the walls and outfit, the pop in the makeup, tucking the clothing to keep from looking baggy.

Photo by Vijat Mohindra.


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